How You Can Maximize Space with a Garage Wall Organizer

Are you having problems with a lack of space in your garage? How often does it happen to hit your knee or kick the items lying on the floor because you didn’t notice them? Does it take minutes to find the desired item in the cluttered garage?

If the paragraph above reminds you of your problems, it’s time to learn how to maximize your garage space. Whether the room is small or you have a lot of space, but a bunch of bulky items, the solution lies in utilizing your walls. A simple solution like installing a garage wall organizer can help you to minimize clutter and always know where to keep which items. Here are some suggestions on maximizing garage space with wall organizers!

A Garage Wall Hanging System

If you want a comprehensive organization option, consider a garage wall hanging system also known as “storeWall.”. It’s a wall organizer that only takes a couple of minutes to mount. You can place it on wood studs or drywall, and it gives you endless options to customize space to your requirements.

StoreWall garage wall systems have a generous capacity, although the weight limit depends on the size and installation specifics. However, you can place items of various sizes and weights, which is impressive.

In the following sections, we will present the options for maximizing your garage space with a wall organizer.

Garage Wall Hooks

It’s always convenient to have hooks available in your garage. These hooks can be of different sizes, and that could include:

  • Small hooks – these are usually not larger than a couple of inches in diameter. However, they are perfect for small tools like scissors and other items. The hooks and items won’t take much space, and you can reach any item in seconds.
  • Large hooks – these hooks are bigger and they often go up to eight inches in diameter. Thanks to that, they offer space for hanging larger items. You can store grinding disks, clamps, and saw blades. 

Storing items on garage wall hooks has multiple advantages. For starters, you’ll always have frequently used tools reachable in seconds. That’s because you’ll know where all items are. Furthermore, hooks ensure that you don’t step on an item. That could not only destroy small tools and make them unusable, but it’s also a big risk of injury. You don’t want to end up stepping onto something that could hurt you, so organizing your garage is a priority.

Pick Your Favorite Basket

Whether you choose to place them on a garage wall rack or the floor, baskets can be a convenient way of organizing things. If you have a garage hanging wall system, you can use multiple baskets to store items depending on the type of use frequency.

For example, you can keep sneakers and other summer footwear in these baskets during the winter. You can place them in the corner, minimize garage cluttering, and still know where they are once the summer comes.

The basket material can be different, and some items might be convenient for a mesh basket. These ensure that you can see what’s inside since they are partially see-through. You can use them for balls, toys, and even sportswear, especially since a mesh basket secures breathability.

Finally, don’t hesitate to use small baskets for your garage wall hanging system. These can be convenient for spray bottles and other liquids and items used in DIY projects.

Make a Dedicated Place for Small items

If you are a professional or DIY expert, you might use screws frequently. It’s vital to have a place to store all those small items. Not only it can be inconvenient if you step on them, but you can also lose them in a cluttered environment, and that can be both annoying and an unnecessary expense.

The great news is you can place bins on a hanging system as an accessory. If you position them properly, you can see what’s in each bin to ensure that you find the desired item frequently. It’s even possible to use multiple bins to divide products into categories, such as put different screw sizes in separate bins, etc.

How About Placing a Wall-Mounted Rack

A garage wall organizer can also be a simple wall-mounted rack. These racks go on walls, which means they are an immediate space saver because you can use every inch of the wall for placing items. Thanks to this, these walls often go up to 30+ inches in-depth to ensure you can place big and bulky items.

The experts recommend these racks for all those who face limited space in their garage. If your garage is small, a wall-mounted rack can be a smart way to store a large number of items.

You always want to go with a high-quality rack, such as the one made of steel. That shelving is heavy-duty and long-lasting, which means it will last for years to come. The strength will also ensure it can hold a bunch of items to free up floor space and declutter the garage.

An Entire Cabinet Is a Better Fit for Large Garages

If you have a large garage, perhaps it’s time to think about an advanced wall organizer. How about using an entire cabinet set, which includes multiple closed cabinets for maximum storage space?

That will ensure you take the entire organization to the next level. it’s perfect for large garages that have a bunch of items you don’t know where to place.

For example, a closed cabinet can be a perfect choice to store bulky items you don't use frequently. If you have a tool that you won’t use during the winter, or you only use it once or twice per month, storing it out of sight can help to minimize cluttering and maximize usable space. A locker cabinet will ensure that those items stay protected while keeping them out of the way while you are moving around the garage.

Another option to go with is a utility cabinet. It’s a small cabinet that has a closed compartment area at the bottom, and usable space on top. Finally, you can also use a simple storage cabinet and place it on the wall. Although this approach is usually convenient for smaller items, you can also use it for things that you need to access quickly. If necessary, you can also make the top of the cabinet usable to increase the space use.

Vital Tips for Maximizing Space in Your Garage

Now that we’ve covered some all-around solutions for organizing your garage space, let’s take a look at tips on how to minimize the clutter even more. Here are extra tricks that you can apply to maximize the available space!

  1. Pegboard Shelves

Do you have a wall hanging system, but you could use additional space? If that’s the case you can use pegboards to make mini shelves.

All you need to do is to grab a board, drill the holes, and position it on the garage walls or the hanging system. The pegs should be tightly in the material, so there is no risk of the shelf falling off. However, please note this is an improvised solution and you should avoid placing heavy items on these shelves.

Apart from this, you can also consider using a PVC pipe to make a cubbyhole. The idea is identical – you use pegs to connect them to the wall organizer. The pipe should be of relatively short length, so choose the length that suits your preference. These pipes can be convenient for quick access to stir sticks, pencils, and other items you have in large quantities.

  1. A Place to Store Sports Balls

Are you a sports fan or you have children who are? If the answer is yes, the odds are you have multiple sports balls for basketball, soccer, football, etc. These are inconvenient when stored in the garage because they can roll to the middle of the room without you noticing. Before you even realize it, you trip and fall, which can have serious consequences.

That’s why building a sports ball storage can be convenient. How about using a wall to place angled ball ramps where you’d keep the ball? The idea is to put each ball in a dedicated place to ensure that’s where it will be when you need it again. If you have some extra room behind the door, this can be the perfect place for balls. The only thing remaining is to convince the children to store the balls away when done with their playing sessions. That’s why you should think about placing the ramp in a way they have to pass it when heading into the house.

  1. Maximize the Joist Space

A wall garage organizer is a perfect place to store items, but you still have a couple more things that could use their position. If you have joists in the garage, the solution is simple. You can place steel or even wire shelves and position them so the items can be placed between the joists.

It is a simple hack that can ensure a simple solution for items you don’t use frequently. Since they’ll be close to the ceiling, the odds are you’ll need the ladders to reach them. That’s why it’s smart to only put items you rarely use there.

  1. Organize Storage Bins

It’s not only about maximizing space, but also about knowing where things are and getting around in your garage. Perhaps you like baskets or bins to store your items. However, if you have nine or ten bins, it might be hard to know which items are in which basket.

That’s why you don’t want to put things without order when placing them in the bins. Instead, it’s vital to categorize them. For example, one bin can be camping gear, or contain outdoor footwear.

Here is a neat trick – make a list of what you put inside each bin. Next, place a number on each bin, so you can identify the desired one easily. You can even hang the papers with a list of items inside each bin on the wall. That way, when you need an item, all you should do is to check out the paper, and you’ll know where to look. It’s a convenient way of saving time if you have a large garage.

  1. A Customizable System

Many manufacturers offer a customizable garage wall hanging system or cabinets with modular racks and adjustable shelf height. Thanks to that, you can always ensure the wall organizer always meets your needs. Perhaps you now need a bigger rack in the right section, but there’ll come the time when you’ll require it in the left part.

It’s all about mixing and matching, and that’s the main advantage of customizable systems. That’s why the option to tailor these compartments to your requirements is useful to have.

  1. Make Additional Space in the Garden

In some situations, you need to think out of the box. No matter how good you are at organizing space, perhaps there are too many items for the garage size.

If that happens, the solution is to look for an additional room elsewhere. Here is an example – your garage is crowded with gardening tools. If that’s the case, how about installing an outdoor cabinet where to keep those items? You can also consider moving some unnecessary items in the attic, or even throwing them away.

Final Thoughts

A wall organizer can be a crucial step in maximizing the available space in your garage. It’s all about finding a solution that best suits your needs. Some people prefer closed cabinets where they can keep items out of sight. Others don’t mind having everything accessible, which is why they find wall-mounted racks a better option.

Take some time to think about your requirements. The idea is to maximize the space and declutter your garage. That’s not a simple task, especially if you have a large garage. However, once you get everything in order, you will love spending every second in the garage, and you’ll enjoy knowing where every item is!