A Quick Breakdown of Typical Overhead Garage Storage Installation Cost

 A garage is usually a place to handle DIY projects and work with tools. It’s also a storage space for various items. You can store anything from vehicles to fitness equipment and items you rarely use.   

It’s crucial to secure enough room for all those items, but that’s not always easy. Do you have a small garage or plenty of stuff to store? That’s when an overhead garage storage solution is convenient. Check out our guide to these storage options and find your favorite!

What Is the Cost of Garage Ceiling Storage?

The price depends on the desired solution – it can be from $100 to $1,000 or more. A single component comes at an affordable price. A complex system with multiple storage items is more expensive.

That’s why it all starts with determining a suitable storage option. Do you need to store your bikes or large power tools? Are you looking for a shelf or a cabinet for small items? The experts suggest starting by identifying the stuff for storing. After that, it will be easier to find an optimal storage solution.

What Are Your Garage Ceiling Storage Options?


The market offers various garage ceiling storage solutions. Check out some options recommended by industry options below.

  • A Durable Universal Lifter

Garage shelving units are useful for increasing storage space. However, it’s hard to reach those items. You need a ladder to gain access to those shelves. How about storing items in a universal lifter with a wireless control mechanism?

These lifters come in two available options. The Garage Smart Basic Lifter is an entry-level unit. This affordable option costs less than $200. It has a generous 100-pound capacity. It allows space for storing sports equipment, strollers, fishing gear, etc.

The alternative is using the Garage Smart Universal Lifter. It's possible to connect up to four units to ensure a 400-pound capacity. That should be enough for tents, bikes, and other heavy items. Users won’t have to handle any lifting. Instead, the effort is minimal. All it takes is pressing the button on the app used to control the system. Depending on the capacity and other specifics, the lifter costs from $300 to $700 or more.

  • Multi-Bike Lifter

Multiple household members might ride bikes. That shows dedication to a healthy lifestyle. It also implies you need a generous storage room for those bikes. That's where an overhead garage storage solution comes in handy. It frees up the floor for other items while keeping the bikes secure. 

Garage Smart designed a product called Multi-Bike Lifter. It is capable of lifting three bikes. The award-winning product uses straps to attach the bikes and keep them safe. That makes it easy to remove when necessary. The product features overload protection. It allows wireless control via Android and iOS apps. You can buy a bike lifter from a reliable brand for under $350.

  • A Jeep Hardtop Lifter

What if we tell you that lifting the hardtop of your vehicle can be a one-person job? Thanks to the Garage Smart Jeep Hard Top Lifter, the entire process will be effortless. 

The lifter is easy to control. You do it by using a device with a suitable iOS or Android app. The only step required involves activating the Bluetooth. Each lifter has a capacity of 170 pounds and comes with overweight protection. That implies it won't lift heavier items, which maximizes safety. These products usually cost between $500 and $650.

  • Overhead Shelving Units

Garage owners often consider DIY garage shelving units. You can use wooden or metal boards to improvise shelves. It’s vital to ensure an optimal connection between the units. Stability and durability are imperative. Nobody wants to risk the items falling on their head while in the garage. 

It’s smart to use store-bought shelves. These are in line with all the industry standards and safety guidelines. A proper installation guarantees a safe solution for storing items.

Is Overhead Garage Storage Safe?

Overhead garage storage sounds tempting for maximizing space. But what about safety? Garage owners worry whether these are safe solutions. The truth is they are as safe as any other solutions.

It’s vital to focus on products from reputable manufacturers and brands. Those confirm you’ll get original storage solutions compliant with the latest safety standards. The manufacturers confirm their products’ quality with a generous multiple-year warranty. The primary consideration is picking a smart solution and installing it correctly. Thanks to that, overhead garage systems remain safe!

Why Install Overhead Storage in Your Garage?

Check out some advantages of ceiling garage storage:

  • Extra storage room. The first obvious benefit is you get extra storage space in an otherwise cramped garage. That allows storing all the planned items in the garage without cluttering the room.
  • Better organization. Having more space available implies you can organize items in your garage better. 
  • Free floor space for moving around. If you spend a lot of time in the garage, it's vital to have enough floor area for movement. You don't want to risk hitting a box or a tool and bruising your legs. Overhead storage solutions ensure you have more space for moving around.
  • Protect items from water damage. Does your garage have flooding issues? All items on the floor are in danger of getting damaged from the water. Finding a higher position secures protection when accidents occur.
  • Simple access. A smart lifter can secure easy access to the desired items. The same applies to other overhead storage solutions.
  • Hassle-free installation. It’s worth noting that the garage storage installation process is simple. It won’t take plenty of time if you follow the manual.

Final Thoughts

You have many options on how to maximize garage space. The first is utilizing garage hanging hooks. Garage owners also use lifters with huge capacity. Either way, your ceiling can be a crucial component in organizing the garage room. 

The experts suggest starting with establishing your storage requirements. Once you get that covered, it’ll be a piece of cake to find the perfect ceiling storage option!