How to Install Metal Garage Cabinets

Are you interested in purchasing a garage storage closet? These cabinets are an excellent way to store tools and organize your garage. They help to put stuff out of sight and keep everything in order. 

In this article, we cover the installation process for garage base cabinets. Our experts provide a detailed guide for installing these units. Setting up these cabinets is a piece of cake. Here is everything you should know about installing metal garage closets!

Choosing the Right Metal Garage Cabinet

The first thing to consider is finding a cabinet that meets your requirements. You have multiple options available. They range from a single unit to advanced sets that can help organize even the largest garages. Here are some most popular options among the users.

A 2-Door Tall Garage Cabinet for Maximum Storage Room

If you have restricted space available in your garage, how about trying a tall cabinet? It assists in maximizing space since it doesn’t have a big footprint. Additionally, its height gives you generous storage room. 

Deep shelves are another excellent way of getting additional space. The locks and magnetic latches ensure the doors stay closed. The adjustable feet ensure the height positioning is simple. Additionally, the powder coat paint ensures an attractive appearance.

A Garage Base Cabinet

If you don’t like a tall cabinet, how about a classic garage base cabinet? These solutions also offer a generous depth for additional cubic space. That’s convenient if you want to store tools and other bulky items. 

The metal surface on the top increases the usability of these cabinets. You’ll get a durable worktop for all your DIY projects and a convenient working surface. 

Garage Wall Cabinets for Convenient Storing

The next option is a single-door wall cabinet, which is suitable for those looking for garage racking to place on walls. You will appreciate the robust metal construction, which ensures impressive durability. The paint features a special coating resistant to fading over time.

A critical thing to consider for these shelves is their weight capacity. The good news is you can fit up to 50 pounds on a shelf if you pick a suitable product.

An Entire Set for Advanced Storage

Do you have a large garage and numerous items to store? If yes, you could benefit from an entire garage storage system. These are pre-made sets with various pieces included. The manufacturers are ready to offer a better price on these sets. That’s why they could be a smart investment.

You can pick from sets that vary from three to eleven pieces. A three-piece set can is a convenient solution that includes cabinets and a chest and is suitable for small garages. 

Those looking for an advanced solution can check out a garage rack system like the Montezuma Premium 11-Piece Combo Set. You’ll get everything that this set should have, such as locks and magnetic latches, but also a durable metal construction.

Here is what to expect in this system:

  •  A single-door and two-door wall cabinets
  • Two-door base cabinets
  • Four-drawer base cabinet
  • Two-door stacking cabinets
  • A pegboard back wall

The combination also includes worktops made of stainless steel and posts to attach the components. 

How to Install Metal Garage Cabinets

Did you pick the desired metal garage cabinet? Once the manufacturer delivers the item to your doorstep, it's time to proceed with the installation. Check out what you should know to maximize the odds of everything going smoothly during the process.

Step 1: Unbox the Cabinet and Check the Contents

Our suggestion is to ensure you have sufficient room for connecting the cabinet components first. It depends on the product you purchased. However, a tall cabinet implies you’ll need to have enough space for its entire height. Additionally, you’ll need extra room for maneuvering. The good news is that you can mount components for a garage rack system one by one, and then connect them if necessary.

The experts indicate you should arrange all items from the box on the floor. However, make sure to put the cardboard or another surface, so the material can’t damage the floor. Try to think of a logical way to arrange the components – it might be smart to check out the product manual. 

Installers should follow the manual to the smallest detail. The following steps will tell you how to install these cabinets, but these are general guidelines. The instructions might be different for the product you purchased. Therefore, it’s crucial to consult the manual and follow it closely.

Step 2: Check If You Have the Necessary Hardware

Your garage racking will require some tools, which depends on the project. The items required could include a cordless drill, clamps, bard nail guns, etc. You can go through the instructions to see the steps specified. Once you do that, confirm that you have all the tools required.

However, there is a simpler way, and it involves purchasing a product that comes with all the hardware needed for the installation. Some brands like Montezuma include the necessary hardware items to simplify the process. Additionally, the flat boxes make the transport easy. 

Step 3: Make Sure You Have Sufficient Space for the Product

You probably did this before even purchasing the product. However, it’s smart to check one more time that the cabinet can fit in the designated position. You can measure the components or check the owner’s manual. Now, compare the measurements mentioned there to the space you have available. Feel free to proceed to the next step once you confirm there is sufficient room.

Step 4: it’s Setting Up Time!

Once you have everything sorted out, it’s time to proceed with the actual installation. The exact details will vary on the project. That’s why we offer a short overview of how to set up different pieces below. Make sure to find the item you want to install and follow the instructions for it.

4.1. Two-Door Tall Cabinet Installation

  1. Start by assembling the side panels. You want to use suitable screws, and place the stiffener on the required side (check the instructions). Follow this process for all other side panels, too.
  2. Once you have the side panels prepared, it’s time to continue with the bottom panel. All it takes is to mount the head screws in proper positions to attach the component to the side panels. You have multiple panels to attach, so consider asking for help.
  3. If the product comes with adjustable rubber feet (it should protect your floor), place them on the bottom panel. You want to position all feet at the same height, and any corrections will be done in the end.
  4. Finally, connect the top panel with the head screws. Apply the same process with the back cabinets. It might be easier to mount the panels from the top.
  5. The next step is mounting the shelf support components. Most cabinets feature shelves with adjustable heights, which implies you can pick the desired height. Once you have the supports mounted, position the shelves as per your requirements.
  6. Ask someone to lift the cabinet with you since it’s bulky. That way, you’ll minimize the risk of scratching the product in the process.
  7. It's time to assemble the doors. Use the door pull to attach the panels on the sides, and then connect the panels with screws. The step is identical for both doors.
  8. Make sure to place the door equipped with a doorstop on the left, and the lock should go on the right-hand door. 

4.2. How to Install a Garage Base Cabinet with Four Drawers

  1. Start by assembling the outside of the cabinet. 
  2. Position a soft mat and place the cabinet on it. Insert the rubber feet on the bottom side and lift the cabinet. 
  3. Add the bottom three drawers first, and then add the top. The top is usually a metal surface you can use for your DIY projects and other endeavors. Finally, position the top drawer. 
  4. For removing the drawer, make sure to pull it out as much as possible. After that, press the levers on both sides and release it from the slide.

4.3. Two-Door Garage Base Cabinet Installation

  1. Unbox the contents and position them on a surface where they won’t scratch your floor or get damaged. Separate the panels and unfold them before connecting them if necessary.
  2. Place the cabinet on the back and you’ll notice a slot in the cabinet’s back. That’s where you insert the bottom panel’s lip – make sure to position it properly. Use screws to attach the bottom panel to the main structure.
  3. Insert the rubber feet and find the desired height. You can adjust this later in the process.
  4. Lift the cabinet and position the top surface. Users can utilize screws for attaching – correct positioning is imperative. 
  5. Add the shelf supports to the preferred height and mount the shelves there. 
  6. Use screws to install the doors on the cabinet. The lock should be on the door you placed right.
  7. Check if everything is stable and opens smoothly. You can tighten the components or adjust the rubber feet height again if necessary. 

Vital Safety Tips While Installing Metal Cabinets

Check out some crucial safety tips to follow when installing your garage base cabinets:

  • Always use protective equipment, such as safety glasses. That’s especially necessary when drilling, or adjusting the slides.
  • Never lean on your garage cabinet or stand on it. That applies to any work surfaces, drawers, and other components. 
  • If you feel an item is bulky to move, call someone to help. That will minimize the risk of injuring yourself, but also damaging the components.
  • It's not advisable to change the product's components, such as cutting a drawer or welding electric lock bars. These could lead to product malfunction and increase the risk of injuries.
  • Make sure your cabinet is on an even surface. If that's not the case, it increases the risk of tilting and falling, which could cause injuries.


Q: Why should the garage cabinets always be off the floor?

A: The manufacturers ensure the garage cabinets are off the floor to protect them from scratches and other damages. If you place the cabinet directly on the floor, its weight might damage it. You don’t want to have a scratched floor after moving the cabinet to another location. It will compromise the entire garage's appearance. That's why cabinets come with adjustable rubber feet to help you position the cabinet off the floor.

Another important benefit is that this allows mounting the cabinet on uneven floors. The adjustable height ensures you can find the ideal position. That even applies to situations when the floor isn’t perfect.

Q: How do you hang metal cabinets in a garage? 

A: The first step is to pick a suitable product. As expected, users should acquire a racking system featuring an option for installing on walls. Make sure there is sufficient space for the cabinet. The wall should be durable enough to hold its weight. Check out the owner’s manual and you shouldn’t have any problems hanging metal cabinets in your garage.

Q: Is there a warranty on metal garage cabinets?

A: Yes, most manufacturers will sell their garage cabinets with a warranty. However, the details depend on the product. Aim to purchase items with at least five years of warranty. The five-year guarantee period is a generous one. It ensures you don’t have to worry if there are any defective parts. Please note the replacement involves contacting the seller, and you should keep the original receipt.

Final Thoughts 

The process of installing metal garage cabinets isn’t difficult. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you shouldn’t have any problem setting up this system. Some manufacturers make things easier by providing all tools required. You should confirm that you have sufficient space for installing the components. The cabinet should also fit into the designated location. It’s vital to read the instructions carefully and follow the steps in the manual. The entire project shouldn’t take more than an hour or two. The general guidelines provided in this article should assist in the process.