Garage Storage Systems: Turning Garage Clutter to Order

Do you notice clutter the moment you enter the garage? You often waste time searching for desired items, and it’s unpleasant to spend time in cluttered space. How about turning that mess into order? The solution lies in using garage storage systems to organize the entire area.

There is no universal formula for identifying the best garage storage system. Instead, it’s about finding units that fit your expectations. Our guide will reveal details about different solutions and how to pick a suitable one. Here’s how to organize your garage and prevent future mess!

What Garage Storage Systems Are Available?

We’ll start with the basics – let’s understand the options you have available.  Check out the common storage solutions offered by the market below.

Garage Cabinets and Chests

These are the foundation of organizing every garage. You’ll often find the best garage storage systems containing at least one drawer and chest. Multiple advantages for using these solutions exist. For starters, cabinets and chests can be of different sizes. 

Chests are usually of moderate height. They come with multiple drawers or a two-door opening system. The latter option often contains adjustable garage shelving inside. As for cabinets, they could be tall and deep to secure maximum space for storing items.

These units offer a closed-door alternative for storing things. It keeps things away from dirt but also prevents visual clutter. You store them out of sight and enable the garage to have functional and aesthetic benefits.

Tool Storage

Tool storage systems focus on providing a place for storing your tools. Whether you are a car aficionado or love DIY projects, you might have a lot of tools. That’s why acquiring a tool cabinet can be convenient. 

These chests can be stationary, which means they don't have wheels. You can use them as the base storage for all your tools. So, what if your project requires these devices? Some cabinets might have a worktop surface, but the secret lies in wheels. If the tool storage has wheels, you can move it around the garage. It's possible to take it outside, too. 

If you belong to those who often take tools to another job site, a special box can help. Toolboxes are suitable mostly for small tools, but they can offer generous space. They will ensure you have all drill bits and handheld tools nearby when necessary.


Many garage owners use that space as a workshop. Professionals and amateurs will appreciate a workbench for all their projects. It's vital to find a suitable product, and Montezuma 48” Steel Workbench can be a smart investment. The set has the specifics expected from this storage type.

You’ll love the durable steel frame that ensures stability and makes the unit long-lasting. The manufacturer used solid wood for the working surface. It provides sufficient room to work on all your projects. You can use the pegboard for placing the tools you might need. That ensures optimal organization level during every project. The shelf could be useful for storing other supplies the task might require.

It’s worth noting the rubber feet will ensure the workbench doesn’t scratch the floor. It also increases stability, which is vital for conducting the desired task. 

Overhead Storage

Do you have items you don’t use often? For example, is there camping equipment that you only use during the summer? If the answer is yes, how about lifting it to the ceiling? Please look up and see all those available spaces above your head. The method for using it is overhead storage.

Overhead storage solutions have significantly improved. Here are the main advantages they offer:

  • Safe – as long as you follow the specified weight capacity, these storage units are safe. The manufacturers use durable materials to make them strong.
  • Simple to use – forget about having to lift heavy items. If you use a motorized system, the task is to press a button. The motor will do the rest and lift the item to the ceiling.
  • Long-term investments – these units are durable and can last for at least years.

Motorized overhead storage systems are the latest trend.  You can use them for lifting bags with heavy camping or fitness equipment. They can even serve as bike lift storage. That can be convenient during the winter or in times when you don’t use the bike.

A typical bike wall mount uses smartphone technology. That involves installing an app and using it to control the lifter. You only need to mount the bike and press the button to initiate the lifting process. Once you want to ride your bike, use the app again to lower it. The same goes for heavy bags and other items, which makes overhead solutions useful.

How Much Does Garage Storage Cost?

Now that you're familiar with various storage systems let's discuss finances. You could ask, "how can I organize my garage cheaply?" The truth is that the total cost of getting everything in order can vary significantly. Some people only pay $200-$500 for basic chest cabinets. Others go for complex storage solutions that cost them over $2,000.

A smart starting point is to analyze the existing situation. Are there any baskets or boxes you can use? Is that cabinet you own still in good shape? If you already have some storage units, you don’t have to throw them away. You can count them for the reorganization process and purchase only additional elements.

An Overview of the Cost by a Garage Element

The actual cost depends on the elements you want to include in garage organization. A huge area with many stuff requires bigger storage units. That might increase the price. Apart from that, it all depends on your requirements.

Here is a quick overview of cost by element:

  • Hooks – these are mostly accessories that you hang on the garage wall or even a Slatwall. The basic hooks can be as cheap as $1, although you can also go for durable units. Those can withstand heavy items because the manufacturers use strong materials. You'll often find them as a part of a garage storage set.
  • Baskets – another convenient accessory that can help organize small items. These protect things from falling on the ground. If you put them in the basket, you just need to secure the basket. The cost is around $10 for the cheapest baskets and up to $80 for expensive ones.
  • Drawers – users often add drawers to chests and cabinets. They are convenient because they store items out of sight. It guarantees dust protection.
  • Shelves – you can go for adjustable shelves, which are convenient. An alternative is to pick shelves you’ll mount directly into the wall. These secure stability, especially when made of durable materials. The prices vary from $50 to $400 or more.
  • Toolboxes – these boxes are excellent if you take tools to other locations. The light units are mobile and can accommodate small tools. Large boxes might be less mobile, but they can fit numerous items. The cost varies from $50 to $500 or more.
  • Slatwall – these are convenient solutions to place on the wall. You can mount hooks and have anything reachable quickly. You'll need to pay from $100 to $500 or more for a Slatwall.
  • Overhead lifters – these are perfect if you have bikes or large bags to lift off the floor. You’ll have extra floor space while the items will be secure. Depending on the weight capacity, the price can go over $400.
  • Workbenches – these are convenient because you can make them mobile. And even if they don’t have wheels, workbenches are suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professionals. They’ll be the primary working area in the garage. The cost of a workbench varies from $200 to over $1,000.

The experts advise analyzing budget and preferences. A pre-made storage system secures a better price. The manufacturer already picked the elements, and that's why they secured a lower cost. The only thing remaining is to find a set that meets your requirements.

The Advantage of Using a Combo Storage

If you aim for a primary storage unit in your garage, how about a pre-made set. You can pick from simple two-unit combos to advanced multi-element sets. For example, Montezuma Standard 7-Piece Combo Set 1 can be a true value deal.

You’ll receive two base and wall cabinets each. The focal point is, however, the tall cabinet that will accommodate a large number of items. The pegboard back wall is perfect for items you need to keep reachable. Users can utilize worktops as working surfaces since they feature a stainless steel top. Finally, the posts will ensure to keep everything stable.

The product offers an impressive capacity. With the 24-inch depth, you'll get a more generous space inside the unit. All items you place in the product will be secure because each drawer has locks and magnetic latches. The set looks fantastic, and the special paint used will ensure to maintain that appearance. That's because the color won't fade over time.

Montezuma used extremely durable steel while considering the aesthetics. They offer a generous five-year warranty.

How Do You Organize a Messy Garage?

We assume you now have an idea on how to organize items. However, your garage still looks messy. That's why the starting point is cleaning your garage. Instead of being afraid of the mess, here is how to tackle it!

Can You Remove All Items Out?

Do you know what the best method for garage cleaning is? The answer is emptying your garage! That will ensure you can start from scratch. It allows assessing the situation better and planning where to place every item. 

Unfortunately, emptying everything isn’t always an option. That’s why you want to clean everything a zone at a time. It starts by picking one corner and cleaning it thoroughly. After completing, feel free to continue with the next area.

It helps to have a staging zone. That’s an area where you’ll place the items you want to store elsewhere or don’t know where to store. It can help with the overall organization and keep things under control.

It’s Time to Throw Away Clutter

The mess in your garage might be because of your lack of responsibility. However, it might be because you store items that are only cluttering the area. That’s why the cleaning process should include removing things you don’t need.

Here is what you should throw away:

  • Trash – this is a no-brainer. However, don’t leave that old tissue behind the cabinet because you are lazy to reach for it. It’s critical to be thorough and remove all trash.
  • Unusable devices – these are tools and other items that aren’t working. For example, do you have an old TV or CRT monitor you haven’t used in decades? It just takes the unnecessary room, so it's time to get rid of it. The same applies to tools and appliances that aren't working. If you haven't fixed them so far, you probably won’t. It’s crucial to eliminating clutter.
  • Things you never use and duplicates – you might have duplicates of some items. It might be smart to give it to a neighbor or sell because why keep two? The next thing to do is to analyze items you never use. Giving them to a friend or neighbor ensures you can borrow the item if you need it. However, the odds for it are slim because you haven’t used it so far.

What Items Shouldn't You Store in the Garage?

It might be that you kept some before, but not all items should be in the garage. Here are the things that you should relocate or throw away instantly:

  • Firewood – it’s not convenient when there are no other options. However, try to find an alternative for storing firewood. It’s often a place for insects and other pests. And getting them in the garage means giving them room to enter your home.
  • Linens and clothing – you might store blankets and coats in the summer. However, the experts advise against that. Skunks, raccoons, and other city animals might identify them as a nest.
  • Propane tanks – this goes for any items that are a fire hazard. Propane tanks might leak, which could lead to an explosive and deadly event. 
  • Fresh, canned, and pet food – you might use a metal container or another tight storage option. However, rats and other rodents might chew through it, which makes it risky. 
  • Books and old photos – the humidity might damage them. This also applies to other documents you plan to store in the garage.

Install the Storage System and Have Everything Ready

Did you find a suitable storage solution? Once your garage is clean enough, and you made sufficient space free, let's install it. The process shouldn't be challenging if you follow the instructions. If you require a helping hand, ask a neighbor or friend. Make sure to double-check every step. Installing everything properly will ensure a long-term storage solution that provides a peace of mind.

It’s Time to Reorganize!

You probably had a plan all along, and now is the time to apply it. You want to get those items in your garage organized to perfection. 

Make sure to consider these tips:

  1. Always begin with large items. It’s obvious why – they take the most room. Once you resolve their storage, it will be easier with smaller units. 
  2. Keep things off the floor. That's particularly true for crucial assets and critical if you have flood issues. During the winter, water might show up on the floor. That water damages tools, devices, and other items. It's why you want to store them in a safer place.
  3. Use labels. When it comes to small items, the odds are you’ll store them in baskets or on shelves. It’s crucial to use labels, especially for higher shelves or baskets. You can’t see what’s inside them, but labels will inform you. You’ll find them convenient when looking for things you don’t use often.
  4. Group items together. They say this is critical to maintaining the garage clutter-free from a visual perspective. If you group office materials together, it creates a more cohesive appearance. 
  5. Out of sight means less clutter. Another tip for a visually attractive garage is to store items out of sight whenever possible. That’s where boxes, drawers, and cabinets come in handy.
  6. Decide on a focal point. First, it will ensure the store has the majority of owned items. Next, it will ensure your garage looks better. The main component of your garage storage solution will be the first thing people notice. That's why you should aim for sets that look neat and can maintain an attractive appearance for a long time. 

The critical tip is not to rush things. It's better to take an hour more, but find an organization to suit you perfectly. 


Q: How Do You Design Garage Storage?

A: You want to start by analyzing the garage’s layout. If you are adding elements from scratch, it’ll be easier to design a suitable storage solution. You have two options. 

The first one is to go with a pre-made set by a reputable manufacturer. These are large combos that offer special deals on the storage solutions they prepared. It’s convenient because it saves cash in the process. The price is much better than when equipping the garage one element at a time. That’s your alternative, which allows higher customization. It might cost you a bit more in comparison. However, you could use existing shelves or baskets to lower the total price. 

Q: How Do I Organize My Garage Ladder?

A: A responsible homeowner should have ladders. They are convenient for cutting branches on trees in the backyard, climbing on the roof, etc. As for storing the ladders, the garage seems the most convenient place. You have multiple options for storing them. 

The first one is to place the ladder on a hook. It enables storing them on the wall and accessing them quickly. It’s also the cheapest option available. The alternative is to use a lifter to lift the ladders to the ceiling. Manual lifters are cheaper but require more effort. You can use a motorized lifter, which only requires pressing a button. The system is more expensive, but it involves minimum effort. It's also possible to store ladders in a ceiling rack or hang them on a Slatwall.

Q: How Do I Store My Power Tools in the Garage?

A: It’s vital to note that power tools require an adequate storing environment. You can’t keep them at extreme temperatures. The humidity can also damage these devices. If you have suitable space in the garage for them, it’s okay to store them there. The experts advise storing large tools at the bottom of cabinets. They’ll be off the floor to avoid issues that flooding the garage might cause. Also, high shelves are inconvenient because tools might hurt someone if they fall. That’s why a stable position at the chest bottom is the best option. As for small tools, you can organize them in a basket or drawer.

Final Thoughts

We hope our guide taught you the basics of garage storage systems. These solutions are necessary to organize your garage correctly. It’s the crucial component of getting rid of clutter.  Montezuma Standard 7-Piece Combo Set 1 is an excellent example of a storage set that improves garage organization. 

Ultimately, don't forget the importance of conducting detailed cleaning. It's vital to remove all clutter and reorganize the remaining items. Your goal is to end up with a clean and visually attractive garage. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to order a new storage solution today!