7 Reasons Why the Tools in Your Metal Garage Shelves Get Dusty

Does your garage get dirty often? It’s natural that the dust falls over items. However, it seems that your metal garage shelves go beyond any acceptable dust level. You’ll especially notice that the tools are getting dusty and dirty. So, how to resolve that problem? 

Find out what causes dust pile up and how you can keep your garage shelves sparkling clean.

Reasons Why Your Metal Shelves Get Dirty

1. You Haven’t Used Those Tools in a While

Let’s start with obvious reasons that garage owners often undermine. When did you last open that wall mounted tool box? That might be why there’s dust all over it. You might be a DIY enthusiast who lacked time during the last several months. It’s why you didn’t have enough time to go into your garage. In those situations, dust all over the place is a normal occurrence.

2. It’s Been a While Since the Last Proper Cleaning

For many owners, a garage is a place where you spend hours a day. Despite that, regular cleaning isn’t your cup of tea. It’s vital to clean after yourself. If operating a power tool and leaving debris, use a vacuum to remove it. 

How long since the last garage cleaning has passed? If long, that means it’s critical to conduct proper cleaning. It implies being thorough and cleaning each worktop and shelf. It’s vital to take off items from those wire shelves. Next, use a damp cloth to wipe all the dust. Finally, a dry cloth will remove any remaining debris. Once finished, it’s okay to return the items.

A thorough cleaning will require effort, but it’s the best way of eliminating the dust. If required, feel free to grab a vacuum. In the process, check if you can remove any clutter. 

Additionally, try to reorganize items better. If necessary, consider investing in the Montezuma Garage Base Cabinet. Store tools out of sight to protect them from dust. It can also help to maximize room and floor space in the garage.

3. Door Seals Are an Opener for Dust Particles

Your garage doors might not be perfect. The draft might come in through the seals, but that also applies to dust. Small debris from outside finds its way through torn seals and gets the garage dirty. 

Search doors and windows for broken seals. The experts suggest a thorough inspection because any gap gives a chance for dust to pass. If any seals are loose, tighten them and ensure they are in optimal condition. Otherwise, the thorough cleaning won’t be worth much. That worktop shelving will get dirty quickly again.

4. Outdoor Tools Are to Blame

What do you think of when you say “tool?” Among other things, it refers to outdoor tools used to move your backyard. The issue is those appliances get dirty. Not only do you use them outside, but small grass particles remain stuck. If you get the mower into the garage, it transfers dust. That’s why two things are imperative. The first is to consider if those tools have a place outside. And if they must be inside, thorough cleaning becomes imperative. 

5. An Outdated HVAC Filter

Is there an HVAC system on the property? Is it also in charge of optimizing garage temperature? If yes, a proper filter is critical. Filters get clogged quickly, and that implies they can’t do their job well. It leads to the dust staying in the garage. That could be why the room is dirtier than it was before. Replacing or cleaning the filters doesn’t only help with dust. It also enhances energy efficiency and lowers utility bills.

If you don’t have a heating unit or AC, how about an air filtration system? Setting up this option in your garage is excellent for eliminating dust. Many garages don’t have proper ventilation. That’s why your workshop shelving gets dirty. Air filtration assists in removing debris and dust and are especially useful in workshops.

6. You Don’t Use Sealed Storage

Small storage containers will work for small tools and other items. Instead of placing them directly on metal garage shelves, you use a container. It’s easier to wipe the box than all the tool’s nooks and crannies. Additionally, this also protects the tool. 

But you can’t place large power tools in these containers. It’s possible to place them in a base cabinet, too. And how about using a cover to improve dust protection? 

7. You Don’t Keep the Items Organized

A cluttered and disorganized garage is more prone to dust. It’s vital to keep things in order, primarily if the garage serves as a workshop. Whether you work on your and other vehicles, StoreWALL Heavy Duty Deluxe Auto Package is a smart pick. It’s a comprehensive solution to store your car tools, cleaning supplies, and other relevant items.

Check out what’s included in the package:

  • Twelve wall panels 
  • Four classic shelves and two made of bamboo
  • Many hooks of different sizes
  • A shallow and angle basket plus a bin

The simple installation, combined with extensive durability, guarantees a smart investment. You’ll love the surprisingly high weight capacity of each shelf.  The wall-mounted tool organizer is there to maximize versatility. The wall panels spread over 120 square feet. StoreWALL uses patented technology to keep the items safe. They’ll ensure all stuff remains on the shelf instead of falling on the floor or vehicle. You’ll love the surprisingly high weight capacity of each shelf.

The package is perfect for professionals and serious car enthusiasts. It’ll keep all items nearby. Whenever you need one, it’ll be easy to find it. That convenience level ensures a minimum hassle and maximum enjoyment when working on cars.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to avoid dust in your garage.  That’s why you need to take action to protect tools and reduce dust levels. It all starts with a cleaning process that gets everything in order. But how to maximize the effects and keep your garage dust-free for long? The solution is to use metal garage shelves and other storage systems. Think about the most suitable option for your garage. Once you get that cleared, it’ll be easy to find the best product!