5 Typical Measurements Of Garage Cabinets For Sale In Online Stores Today

Is it time for uncluttering your garage? Identifying suitable garage storage options is an imperative step in the process. The good news is garage cabinets for sale don’t have to be pricey. Apart from meeting the budget, users should also identify suitable storage dimensions for their garages.

In this article, we offer typical measurements of garage storage solutions. Here is how to find an adequate option to declutter and organize your garage!

How Tall Are Garage Cabinets? 

The first question to answer is how tall a garage cabinet should even be. And the only right answer is they should fit your requirements. If you want a cabinet from the floor to the ceiling, that's perfectly fine. But if you need a compact storage unit that doesn't take a lot of room, you'll also find suitable solutions on the market. 

You'll often find garage cabinets for sale that are from 20 to 40 inches tall. It's possible to find tall cabinets that go up to 80 inches in height. Additionally, there are hanging wall solutions that don't take more than 20 inches.

What Are the Typical Measurements of Garage Cabinets for Sale?

It’s time to get to know typical measurements of garage cabinets. Here are some popular choices among the user – we hope they’ll help you find a favorite!

  1. An 80-Inch Tall Cabinet for Maximum Space

We'll start with the highest garage storage organizer available. If you have a narrow garage, but a high ceiling, Montezuma 2-Door Tall Garage Cabinet could be the right fit. These units are 80 inches tall, but that's not the only benefit. The cabinets are also 24 inches deep, which is deeper than the standard 18 inches. Thanks to that, you'll enjoy extra cubic space for your bulky items.

The tall cabinet also offers hooks for garage hanging storage. Users can utilize hooks to hang working clothes and other items. Users will appreciate four shelves that feature adjustable height. Each individual can pick the height based on the items stored. That guarantees you’ll find sufficient room even for the bulkiest items.

  1. A 40-Inch Two-Door Stacking Cabinet

If you are a fan of garage storage units with doors, you’ll appreciate stacking cabinets. These solutions are usually 40 inches high, which means they take less room than the tall units. However, they still offer generous space with multiple garage shelf brackets. The brackets are adjustable to help you pick the preferred height. Additionally, the 30-inch width ensures these units don’t have a large footprint. 

The experts recommend purchasing only from reliable brands that offer a warranty. Aim for those who offer a multiple-year guarantee. Additionally, a money-back option if you aren’t satisfied with the product is convenient.

  1. 35-inch High Base Cabinet with a Worktop Surface

A cabinet with a worktop surface can help with maximizing space. While garage cabinets for sale allow you to find a storage solution that fits your budget, don’t neglect the unit’s characteristics.

The typical height measurement is up to 35 inches, and it’s 30 inches wide. You’ll benefit from multiple shelves and the great thing is the capacity is often 100 pounds per shelf. The storage unit itself shouldn’t weigh more than 55 pounds. That will secure the necessary stability, which is vital for the worktop surface.

As for the worktop, it should be of steel, metal, or another durable surface. It’s usually a one-inch thick top that serves for various projects. Montezuma Base Cabinet with a Stainless Steel Worktop can be a true bargain deal. It’s suitable for those looking for entry-level garage storage options.

Do You Prefer Drawers Instead of Shelves?

It’s worth noting that you can also find these garage base cabinets with drawers rather than shelves. The construction features four shelves and rubber feet for stability on all surfaces. You can’t go wrong with an attractive cabinet with powder coat paint that helps maintain an optimal appearance over time.

  1. 20-Inch Garage Wall Cabinets

Are you lacking floor space, but you’d like a garage storage cabinet? The solution lies in acquiring a compact-sized unit that you’d hang on the garage wall. Thanks to the typical height of 20 inches, it won’t take a lot of room on the wall. You can connect multiple units, but the usual width is 30 inches per drawer. 

Two options are available – the first one is a two-door cabinet. It's convenient if you have small items to add to the unit. That allows dividing them into sections, and you can only open a single door to access the desired item. The cabinet is 12 inches deep, so it doesn't stick out from the wall much.

The alternative is a one-door wall cabinet. It offers the same dimensions and a generous 50-pound capacity. 

  1. 65-80 Inches: Premium Garage Cabinet Sets

The fifth measurement presented isn't that typical, but it's worth mentioning. If you need a generous storage room, a single element might not suffice. That's where cabinet sets come into play. The experts advise going with pre-made sets since they secure a more affordable price per element. That way, you'll get maximum storage space while saving some money in the process.

Now, the exact measurements depend on the selection you make. For example, Montezuma 2-Piece Combo Set is a simple option with a chest and a cabinet. Its maximum height is 80 inches and width is 61 inches combined. 

A better option could be the 7-Piece Standard Combo Set. It features a base and wall cabinets, pegboard, and a worktop. It's an all-around solution, but it's dimensions are over 90 inches (width) and 80 inches (height). 

And if you need even more space, you can consider a garage hoist system. The idea is to use it as a lifter and turn it into an overhead garage storage solution.

Final Thoughts

These are the typical measurements for garage cabinets. We suggest measuring the available room in your garage. Once you know the space at your disposal, it’ll be simple to identify a suitable solution. These storage units are affordable and perfect for organizing your garage and avoiding any mess!