5 Best Heavy Duty Garage Cabinets In 2020

What is the best garage storage system out there? There is no universal formula that meets everyone’s needs. It’s all about figuring out what your requirements are. Do you need a spacious storage solution or a compact option that fits in narrow areas?

We picked the top heavy duty garage cabinets in 2020 and created a rundown of the features and  benefits of each one. Read on below and let us know which one is your favorite.

2020’s Best Heavy Duty Cabinets for Any Garage

1. A Combo Set with Everything You Need

    It’s vital to stick to a reliable brand when choosing heavy duty garage cabinets. Montezuma’s famous for years of tradition and superb construction quality. It established them as the leading manufacturer in the market. Their Montezuma Economy 6-Piece Combo is an all-around set that will resolve any garage storage issues.

    Here is a quick overview of what’s included in the package:

    • Single and two-door wall cabinets
    • Two-door and four-drawer base cabinets
    • Pegboard back wall
    • Two stainless steel worktops

    The manufacturer includes posts to connect the components. The width is from 60-65 inches, which implies the set has a small footprint. It's suitable for narrow garages but still secures generous space. 

    You’ll get a durable stainless still working surface. The worktops are durable and stable. That ensures they are an adequate choice for DIY projects. Have you always wanted metal drawers for under a workbench? The cabinet with four drawers allows item categorization. You can place rarely used items at the bottom. The frequently used ones would go in the top drawer to make them more accessible. 

    Why Should You Pick This Set?

    The installation process is simple. You might need a helping hand to lift up the components. The shelves feature an impressive 24-inch depth. That allows maximizing garage storage space and putting away more units. 

    Montezuma provides adjustable rubber feet. These ensure the components don’t scratch the floor. Additionally, the adjustability guarantees stability on uneven surfaces. 

    The premium materials make these heavy duty garage cabinets long-lasting and durable. You'll receive a generous five-year warranty. The robust construction secures stability, and powder coat paint maintains optimal appearance. It ensures the color doesn't fade over time. 

    Finally, you get multiple components included in this brand’s selection. Picking a pre-made set means you qualify for a better price than when buying pieces separately. That ensures saving money in the process while getting the best possible storage system.

    2. A Motorized Garage Storage Lift

    Overhead storage systems are convenient for maximizing space in your garage. The problem with shelves and compartments close to the ceiling is that they are hard to reach. Instead of using ladders every time, how about installing a motorized garage storage lift system?

    Garage owners can pick from many options. The Garage Smart Universal Lifter seems most versatile. The platform offers a 100-pound capacity per lifter. If you need more, connect up to four units to quadruple the available storage. 

    You can lift bikes, bags with sports equipment and other items. It only depends on the weight that the lifter supports. The components are easy to install. You’ll find the material extremely durable. The product includes a limited lifetime warranty.

    The lifter comes with a load of safety features like an overload protection which prevents you from putting too much stuff into it. The unit informs you as you get close to the weight restriction. You control the lifting and lowering by using a smartphone app. Apple iOS and Android users can install it for free. It’s simple to use and only involves a couple of clicks to start moving the lifter.

    3. A Tall Garage Cabinet

    Some garages offer limited floor space. That’s where the Montezuma 2-Door Tall Garage Cabinet comes into play. It only has a minimal footprint, but it’s height guarantees generous storage space. 

    You can place it in a corner and get multiple shelves for storing items out of sight. Users can adjust the shelf height to their preference. It's possible to find enough storage for bulky tools and keep them in a safe place.

    The cabinet features magnetic locks and latches. That ensures the doors stay closed and items secure. The adjustable feet guarantee optimal height on all surfaces.

    4. A Rolling Workbench

    DIY enthusiasts often work with different tools. That’s why they’ll appreciate a rolling workbench. It ensures that you always have the required tools nearby. That’s a time-saver compared to moving around the garage all the time. Instead, you can pull the cabinet to you and access all items quickly.

    TRINITY PRO Rolling Workbench Pegboard features wheels that maximize portability. The wheels are durable and long-lasting. The robust construction ensures these heavy duty garage cabinets remain stable over time.

    This garage workbench and storage solution is convenient. You get multiple drawers with a locking mechanism. It ensures the items won’t fall out as you move the unit around.

    The pegboard is an excellent alternative to a garage wall tool rack. You can hang tools and other items you need to access quickly. The worktop offers generous working space. You’ll even find cable management locations. That’s convenient when working with power tools.

    5. Go with a Simple Solution – Drawer and Cabinet Set

    Do the previously suggested solutions sound too complicated? How about simplifying things and finding an entry-level garage storage system?

    Montezuma Economy 2-Piece Combo features an attractive design. Once you scratch under the surface, you realize this is a compact and convenient storage solution. The manufacturer combined its basic drawer and two-door cabinets to create this system.

    You'll get all the features that made this brand recognizable. For example, you can expect durable construction and fading-resistant paint. It ensures these heavy duty storage systems last for years. You can adjust the height with rubber feet, and the magnetic latches keep your items safe.

    Final Thoughts

    The market offers both large and compact storage systems. It’s vital to stick to your preferences and requirements. You can’t go wrong by choosing a cabinet made by a reputable brand. It will be a true long-term investment. You’ll purchase your storage system once and get everything you need for the next several years. It is an excellent way to optimize garage space and ensure peace of mind.