4 Ways You Can Install Storage Racks in Your Garage

A garage is a space where you love spending time. The odds are you are there for hours every week, and you try to keep things organized. However, you have so many tools and other items, and it has now become evident – your garage is cluttered.

Fortunately, there are convenient solutions that can help you organize the garage space. Check out our creative suggestions for installing storage racks to ensure you know where every item is at any moment!

Why Would You Install Storage Racks in Your Garage?

Before we move to suggestions, here is a quick overview of the benefits provided by racks:

  • Decluttering – you’ll primarily free up floor space to ensure you can move around easily. 
  • Always know where your stuff is – do you need a tool for a quick fix? You don’t want to waste precious minutes looking for it. Racks are suitable to clarify where you keep items you often use, and those you only use occasionally.
  • A safer option – if your kids or pets are often with you in the garage, they might touch or eat something they shouldn’t. That’s why racks are convenient for keeping dangerous items beyond their reach.
  • Durable and long-lasting – as long as you pick a high-quality steel solution, you can rest assured the shelving will last for years, and even decades. 
  • Various sizes and weight capacities – whether you need a strong shelf for bulky items or a small cabinet for compact items, you can find the desired option easily.

1. Install Wall-Mounted Racks

The classic solution is a wall-mounted rack. These are heavy-duty and exceptionally stable because they’re not freestanding, but rather directly connected to the wall. Make sure to pick high-quality steel garage shelving for added strength and durability. These materials are also resistant to mold and other environmental factors often present in garages.

While you are there, make sure to consider the weight capacity. It usually varies from 400-600 pounds per shelf, which means the total capacity can go up to 2,000 pounds. Most manufacturers will allow you to customize the shelves. Some even provide modular racks, so you can move them any way you see fit. That way, you can always adjust the height to pick the items that you are storing there.

Wall-mounted racks can be a great choice for narrow and shallow spaces. You get plenty of room for storage, and if you need a generous shelf depth, that will be doable, too. The experts advise looking for shelves that offer a safety lip. That way, you ensure the gear stays safe on the shelves.

2. Place the Racks in Garage Cabinets

Do you have a large garage that’s also your workshop? Are you always looking for something, and you don’t know where it is? If that’s the case, perhaps it's time to think about the New Age garage cabinets. These products take the entire garage organization to an entirely new level.

Customers can pick between three different options:

  • Locker cabinets – these feature an entire cabinet that ensures maximum storage space. You benefit from a closet rod system that stores items out of sight, and also protects them from being exposed in the open. It’s perfect for bulky equipment, but also items that you don’t use frequently.
  • Utility cabinets – you can pick a utility cabinet with an integrated faucet and basin, so you can use water in the garage. It’s useful when your hands get dirty, and there is a convenient closed storage area beneath the basin.
  • Storage cabinets – these are classic storage cabinets you can mount on the wall. They are excellent to maximize space usage and convenient for storing items out of sight, but also keep them accessible quickly.

There are numerous ways you can install these racks and cabinets in your garage. You are free to mix and match different types of cabinets and wall-mounted racks, and many manufacturers even offer customized sets that could be perfect for your garage.

The lockers are convenient for those who have many tools or big and bulky items that they don’t frequently use. They are the perfect way of decluttering your garage and making it neat and well-organized.

3. Slatwall 

The Slatwall system developed by NewAge is another way how you can declutter and organize items in your garage. If you have vacant wall space, how about turning it into a storage room for your tools and related items?

You can install these wall organizers to wood studs or drywall. They feature premium steel wall protection, and you can look forward to a weight capacity of 75 pounds per square foot. 

Instead of classic shelves, you can combine the following accessories:

  • Bins –compact-sized snap-on bins are suitable for screws and other small items.
  • Baskets – a big basket could be convenient for gardening products or even sneakers and outdoor footwear. You can also pick smaller baskets for spray bottles and other items used frequently.
  • Hooks – you can pick between one and two-inch hooks. The former is great for small scissors and other compact-sized tools, while you can place clamps, grinding disks, and even saw blades on bigger hooks.
  • Mesh baskets – these are suitable for toys, balls, and other equipment used in sports and for other purposes. 

Thanks to these accessories, a slat wall has an impressive versatility to suit all your needs. The steel panels of premium quality will ensure a shiny finish while maintaining durability.

4. Overhead Shelving

It’s also possible to install overhead shelving solutions. These are convenient if you use the garage to store items that you don’t use frequently. For example, you can put away all winter-related items on these shelves during the summer.

As the name suggests, overhead storage cabinets go above your head. That makes them huge space savers because they won’t clutter the floor, which leaves more room for moving around. Please note that overhead shelves might not be accessible without a ladder, which is why its primary purpose is storing items you don’t use frequently.

Final Thoughts

Installing racks for storage aims to help organize your garage to declutter it and enable an optimal environment to spend time in and work on DIY projects. That’s why the best way to install storage racks is the one that suits your needs. 

If you have a large garage with a huge number of items, cabinets with integrated shelves might be the right way to go. However, several wall-mounted racks might also be enough for your needs. That’s why it’s crucial to consider your requirements – once you establish that, it will be easy to find a suitable shelving solution.