4 Things You Shouldn’t Store in Your Metal Garage Cabinets

Nobody likes clutter in their garage. You want to move around freely and get those things organized. That’s why you are considering metal garage cabinets. While they are a smart storage solution, these units aren’t perfect. 

Some stuff isn’t suitable for metal cabinets. These items can damage your cabinet over time. Here’s a list of things you shouldn’t store in your metal cabinets.

4 Stuff That’s Not Suitable for Metal Cabinets

1. Firewood

If the climate is cold, you use firewood to keep the house warm. It’s not pleasant to go outside to get new firewood. That’s why storing it inside sounds like a smart solution. However, you could bring in insects and other pests with firewood. That’s risky and should be avoided.

You also don’t want to keep it in metal garage cabinets because they can get dirty. It’s a hassle to clean the small wood particles once you remove the logs.

2. Propane

Propane is a gas, and nobody should keep it indoors. It’s a huge risk when a gas leak might occur. If that happens, it can light the garage on fire. 

Additionally, it features a suffocating risk for the entire household. The issue arises when you don’t notice the leak. But if you light a match, it can cause an explosion. That’s why storing it outside is imperative to preserve safety. It’s a similar story with gasoline, so avoid it, too.

3. Electronic Appliances

You might have old electronic appliances replaced with new units. However, old devices are still working. So, how about storing them in metal garage cabinets? It’s not a smart idea because electronics don’t respond well to temperature changes.

The garages might be damp but also cold when unheated and warm when heated. Those conditions might damage the components and compromise the appliances. Additionally, you might have some pests making their way into the cabinet. That could lead to damaging the device and rendering it unusable. It’s a better option to sell or donate the appliance.

4. Canned Food

Do you have a large stock of canned food? You used an opportunity to buy a huge package. But storing them in metal garage cabinets could be a wrong move. The garage might be damp, and canned food needs a dry area. Additionally, if you heat the garage, the temperature might exceed optimal levels. The labels usually indicate up to 85 degrees is adequate for canned food. Once you turn on that heater, the temp increases, and you create an unsuitable environment.

What Should You Store in Metal Garage Cabinets?

The good news is the list of items suitable to store in workshop cabinets is long. These units are an excellent method of organizing the space to eradicate clutter.

Here is what’s suitable for storing in metal garage cabinets:

  • Tools. That ranges from power tools to handheld ones that could be useful for DIY projects. You can install hooks for screwdrivers and use bottom shelves for garden tools.
  • Fitness and sports equipment. Are you a fitness enthusiast who loves exercising? If you have equipment work working out, you can store it in garage cabinets. That goes for football and sports gear, too. You don’t want balls lying on the floor because you can trip and injure yourself. That’s why these cabinets offer a safe storage room.
  • Cleaning supplies. These cleaners serve to remove dirt and stains from cars or the garage’s interior. Either way, it helps to have a drawer or shelf for these solutions. 
  • Toys. You can store outdoor toys your children still use, but also those they outgrew. That way, the toys will be in a safe place if you need them in the future.

What’s the Best Solution for Garage Storage?

It depends on your requirements. Does your garage offer restricted room? It’s smart to consider a compact-sized system. Montezuma Economy 2-Piece Combo is a simple and affordable solution featuring two components. The brand combined its base and tall cabinets to minimize footprint and maximize storage room.

The base cabinet comes with multiple shelves. You can store tools and other items out of sight. As for the tall cabinets, you also get shelves. They feature a generous 33-inch depth for extra space. It’s the ideal way of eliminating clutter and improving the garage’s aesthetics.

These workshop storage cabinets also feature stainless steel working surfaces. Users can handle DIY projects on those worktops. 

As for other characteristics, Montezuma’s combo offers rubber feet with adjustable height. It ensures optimal positioning regardless of whether the surface is level. The manufacturer picked premium materials for excellent durability. The special paint used guarantees that the color won’t fade over time. That means your cabinets and the garage will look perfect for years. You can expect a five-year warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Other Garage Storage Options

Those who own large garages can consider a big storage system. Trinity Pro 5-Piece Garage Cabinet Set is an intriguing pick for a comprehensive solution. You receive a locker cabinet with an adjustable shelf, multiple wall cabinets, a base cabinet, and a rubberwood top.

What if you only need a small addition to the existing system? You could consider the Montezuma 1-Door Garage Wall Cabinet, which could serve for items you need to reach quickly. Whether you use it as a wall mount tool cabinet for cleaning supplies, it can be convenient. 

It’s possible to pick wire rack shelving, too. It’s much better than the classic shelves since it offers better protection against the items falling. If shelves sound like a smart solution, check out the StoreWall Select Shelf Bundle.

Final Thoughts

Storage systems help to organize items in your garage. While metal garage cabinets are convenient, it’s vital to consider unsuitable items for storing there. Users shouldn’t keep anything that’s a fire hazard or unsuitable to the specific garage conditions. That’ll maximize safety while minimizing clutter. It’s the best way to ensure you get your garage organization to the highest level.