3 Different Parts of a Heavy Duty Garage Wall Shelving

Have you noticed that items are piling up in your garage? It will help if you implement an organization system. Heavy-duty garage wall shelving can be a convenient solution for getting your stuff in order. Before you decide on a particular product, it's vital to understand shelving system components. Here is an overview of the parts to choose from and what benefits they deliver!

3 Parts of a Garage Wall Shelving


1. Classic Shelves

The term shelf refers to many different storage units. You can pick between a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. If you want a durable garage solution, it's impossible to go wrong with stainless steel shelves. You need to go with premium quality material. That will increase the product's stability and durability. 

You can also pick alternative heavy duty garage wall shelving options. For example, wire shelves with a safety holder in front are convenient for cleaning supplies. You can also go with classic plastic shelves that could offer generous storage.

If you need premium options, make sure to try StoreWALL Deluxe Shelf Bundle. You get a combination of different holders, including metal, plastic, and wire shelves. The package also adds a slot bin, shelves with cord holders, and a tool organizer.

2. Baskets

You can go with classic utility shelves, but how about changing the method and choosing baskets? If you select a strong foundation, you can keep baskets on the wall. Those baskets can be of various depths and widths. Items on shelves might end up on the floor if you accidentally bump into the shelf. Baskets are more secure and keep your stuff safe.

Those who plan to store many items can consider the StoreWALL Deluxe Basket Bundle. You get a total of 16 baskets in the set, which secures a more affordable price. The baskets are suitable for everything, from cleaning supplies to sports equipment. You can even put boxes that you need to lift off the floor for flood prevention. 

3. Hooks


Hooks have always been a convenient storage solution because they take minimal space. A single hook is suitable for heavy items. However, it's vital to pick a durable material and install it properly. That includes using heavy-duty screws and other components.

You can find differently-sized hooks. Small units can be suitable for holding light items that you want quickly accessible. However, hooks larger than three or four inches can hold heavy items. They can be ideal for bags, tools, etc.

Hooks are often part of heavy-duty garage wall shelving systems. You can also buy them separately, such as with the StoreWALL Premium Hook Bundle. The package includes universal, utility, cradle, box, and other hooks. You'll even get a U Hook, which is convenient for storing jackets and other clothing. 

Go for the Entire Package


If you need advanced wall mounted garage shelving, heading for a comprehensive system can be a smart choice. StoreWALL Standard Duty Select Garage Package offers an excellent storage solution. It’s suitable for frequently used items. You'll get 120 square feet of heavy-duty garage wall shelving. Additionally, dozens of accessories come with exceptional stability. 

Here are some ideas on what you can store with this package:

  • Barbecue supplies
  • Garden tools
  • Fitness equipment
  • Bottles, cleaners, and other small items

The manufacturer offers twelve 8' wall panels and six 4' units. You'll also receive three spacious shelves and durable brackets. The company included strong hooks to store heavy items and baskets and bins for other things. If the lighting is low in your garage, you'll appreciate the tube light. It's the latest lightning solution to provide a better overview of available items.

Select Garage Package is a comprehensive storage system. It can be the only product you need to organize your garage. A simple installation won’t be demanding, but it’ll take some time to complete. It matters that you'll get a long-term storage solution that exceeds all expectations.

Overhead Garage Storage Systems

We often forget that garages have free space above our heads. You can consider utilizing this space in restricted areas. The Garage Smart Universal XL Lifter can hold 100 pounds per unit and help to store heavy items. That implies it can lift boxes and leave the floor space free. It ensures moving room around the garage and protects items if a flood occurs.

You can control the lifter via your smartphone or another device. All it takes is to install an app and establish a connection. You won’t have to climb a ladder. Instead, users grab the RC and move the lifter. It's much easier than with the classic overhead shelves, baskets, and similar items.


Q: What are the different parts of a shelf?

A: The essential part is the actual shelf, which holds your items. You also need something to tighten it to a wall. Apart from screws, that could include end tie clips, shelf backs, etc. Some shelves might also feature hooks for additional storage room.

Q: What is a smart method for organizing tools?

A: It depends on the tool's size, shape, and quantity. For example, you can hang small tools on wall shelves. Heavier items will require heavy-duty garage shelving. Users can store large power tools in closed cabinets. That'll protect them when not used and maximize space in the garage.

Q: Is it better to buy a bundle than separate shelves?

A: If you have plenty of items to store, the general recommendation is to go with bundles. You'll get multiple components at an affordable price. That'll be a cheaper deal than buying each item separately. The pre-made systems are easy to install for any DIY enthusiast.

Final Thoughts

It's all about finding a suitable heavy duty garage wall shelving option. The critical thing to remember is that shelf quality depends primarily on the material. You also want other parts, such as screws and holders, to be of high quality to boost stability. It's possible to choose between hooks, baskets, and other additions. Consider the available room and pick what to store. It’ll be easy to select once you have those items straight.